Recovery on Monopoly - Alternative Names

We may not have a monopoly on recovery, but now we have Recovery on Monopoly!

We're looking for some alternative names for the game. So far, we've considered:

Sober, Soberopoly, Sober-opoly, Sober Monopoly
Sobriety, Sobrietyopoly, Sobriety-opoly, Sobriety Monopoly
Recover, Recoveropoly, Recover-opoly, Recover Monopoly
Recovery, Recoveryopoly, Recovery-opoly, Recovery Monopoly
Twelve Step Monopoly, Twelve Steps Monopoly
12-step Monopoly, 12-steps Monopoly
Monopoly - Sobriety Edition, Monopoly on Sobriety
Monopoly - Recovery Edition, Monopoly on Recovery
Monopoly - Alcoholics Anonymous Edition (violates Tradition Six), Monopoly - AA Edition

Any other ideas? Email

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